Westerham Massage

Meet Rosie


Question: How does a writer with a passion for Shakespeare, become a massage therapist and wellness mentor?


Answer: I’ve always been impressed with the way we respond to touch, to both touching and being touched. It’s a primal response, deeply ingrained in our earliest memories. When I decided to change careers from running a gym and working with social services to massage, it was from a lifetime of appreciating the healing power of touch.


Question: What distinguishes you from other massage therapists?


Answer: I used to think an accomplished therapist was one who combined knowledge, with technique and experience. While this is true, equally important is intuition and empathy. I never give the same massage twice. 


Question: Can you elaborate on why you consider it a privilege to work with high needs clients?


Answer: Any experienced masseuse can give a good massage to individuals who aren’t physically, or mentally compromised.  Because I have invested a considerable part of my career working with people grappling with all kinds of challenges, I have a natural affinity for this kind of work.


Question: What can a client expect when she first meets with you for a consultation?


Answer: We’ll talk about her overall health and lifestyle, taking into consideration her particular concerns and motivation for seeking treatment. I see clients who haven’t been to a doctor in decades, as well as those with chronic health conditions. Fortunately, I'm only a few steps from our local surgery and chemist.


Question: What do you like best about your work?


Answer: Helping clients feel better in body, mind and spirit. This gives me immense satisfaction and motivation to keep learning new skills. I also appreciate their trust.


Question: What do like least about your work?


Answer: I love everything about my work. The only slight negative is that results can take time. People don't always have time. Bodies respond in different ways, at their own pace.