Big News

I have signed a contract for my first book.


One might have guessed that my love of Shakespeare and passion for all things literary, would lead to a writing career, but it was a long time coming. With daughters to raise and the responsibilities of single parenthood, I opted for the security of a dependable salary. I’ve been a cleaner, petrol pump attendant, life model, teacher, mentor, and massage therapist, while penning poetry and short stories. 


Through long nights of study with Open University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Some time between the birth of grandson number one, who can lift me above his head, and grandson number two, who I can lift above my head, I took to the pen in earnest. Now writing, along with being a grandmother, working my allotment, adventuring with my husband, massage therapy and supporting people with disabilities, fuel the yin and yang of my life. 


I Love apples, especially English russets; my Apple laptop (not to be nibbled on) peanut butter, dried dates, muesli and turmeric all mixed together, with sugar-free soya yogurt (a friend tells me this makes me an honorary Californian) fresh ground Kenya coffee; The Dawn Chorus;  Dusty Springfield; Jimi Hendrix, Henna red (for my hair) Indian clothes; Jeans of every colour; treasured letters from my mother; Karma and God in all manifestations; mystery novels, especially Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie; Angela Carter; clear nights, when the stars are infinite; opals; nicknacks and nicknames; my namesake, summer roses with their full-blown scent; Queen Elizabeth II; the cocooned silence of freshly fallen snow.