Massage for Elderly

Clients Have Their Say

I recruited Rosie to volunteer at the charity shop I manage on Westerham’s High Street. She had just started her practice and I convinced her volunteering, a few hours at the shop, would be a great way to meet potential clients. And it was. I soon became one of her clients myself.

Once you have a massage with Rosie, you’ll wonder how you got along without her. She becomes an integral part of your health regime. Besides being an excellent masseuse, she’s also a certified fitness instructor and weight trainer, so you can easily talk with her about everything to do with health and fitness.

After your treatment with Rosie, stop by the shop and say hello. - Jo Weatherald 

I have visited Rosie for the relief of various complaints, originating from stress and strains. She listens carefully to what is being said and then eases the problems with various forms of massage. She has helped me greatly. Every time I leave Rosie I feel rejuvenated.

Rosie creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Her treatment room is soft, with the calming scent of various aromatherapy oils. She has quiet music playing in the background, which is never intrusive. She explains what she is doing in a quiet, gentle voice, allowing you to ease into your treatment with confidence.

I have recommended Rosie to family and friends and they have told me how wonderful the experience was for them. I  fully recommend Rosie to anyone, with the knowledge you will not be disappointed. - Claire Williams 

Rosie Radford is my go-to-person for massage therapy. I am a singer/ songwriter, who also works a physically demanding day job. Though fit and active, I find I feel a lot better when I can visit Rosie for a weekly tune-up. Just walking into her calm studio makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself. I wish everybody could benefit from her healing hands. - Clive Peacock


I cannot recommend Rosie enough. She is highly skilled; knowledgeable and uncannily intuitive. Everything you want in your massage therapist. I greatly value her opinion as a wellness mentor and confidant. She's easy to talk to and her studio is a serene oasis, smack dab in the middle of town. Our mutual friend, Jo Weatherald, introduced us a few years ago. I am grateful she did. Seeing Rosie, most Fridays, is one of the high points of the week. - Marsha Coupé


If I had known about Rosie Radford, my back might be in better condition. 


Mr. Jeremy Fisher, spotted casting his line at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's gorgeous 82 acre estate, a couple of miles from Rosie's studio. Make a day of it. Treat yourself to Rosie and Chartwell.